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Bengal, a unique encounter with intelligence, beauty and grace!


Who Are We?

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--------------------------------------------------Suky x kingston had their Kittens  May 19th.


Mimi Joly x Kingston had their kittens May 27th.


Tess x Wesley had their Kittens June 1st.

--------------------------------------------------Kozima x Drakho had their Kittens June 2nd.


Singapura, a captivating encounter with elegance, gentleness and mischief!

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​Hello, dear visitor, welcome to the wonderful world of Bengal and Singapura! Our love affair with Bengal and Singapura began a few years ago. We found these cats so beautiful ...

We built our attached cattery at home. In this way, we have access to our cats at all times and these come to visit us at home daily. The cattery with large windows is divided into large ...

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