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​Sales information


​Prices and guarantees 

Buying a Bengal or a Singapura is a gift that you give yourself for many years! It is very important for us to offer quality kittens, very well socialized from healthy parents. You are invited to visit our cattery and our cats. We will always be available to answer your questions, no matter the reason for your call, it will be our pleasure to answer you. We understand that the wait is long before you can bring your new companion home. thus, we keep you informed of the development of this little one regularly and you can follow our cats and our kittens live on our cameras at any time!

The price of a pet or breeding kitten varies according to the quality of the kitten compared to the official standards of the breed.


  • The price of a pet singapura kitten starts at $ 2200 and more (taxes included)
  • The price of a show-breeder singapura kitten starts at $ 4000 and more (taxes included) 

​Many services are included in our prices. Every customer who comes to us to buy a kitten is an integral part of our beautiful and big family Khaleesys Bengal and Singapura. After your departure, to ensure the best possible transition, you can contact us throughout the life of your kitten and beyond! Your kitten is given to you at the age of twelve weeks for the Bengals and around sixteen weeks for the singapuras with:

  • His registration papers with TICA and / or CCC
  • A sales contract
  • A copy of the pedigrees of the parents
  • A 7-day, viral and 2-year congenital guarantee
  • His health book
  • Food / Starter Kit
  • Our guide: My passport to the Bengal and the Singapura

​      Your kitten: 1. has been registered with TICA and / or CCC

                           2. had two to three complete veterinary examinations
                           3. has been vaccinated two to three times
                           4. received dewormers
                           5. has an identification microchip
                           6. underwent surgery to spay / neuter

                               (all our pet kittens are spay / neuter before leaving us without exception) 

​To reserve a kitten and give you priority in the choice of your kitten, a deposit of $ 300 is required for a pet kitten and $ 500 for a breeding kitten. The deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the adoption, but it may be transferable to a subsequent adoption (certain conditions apply). The deposit is not refundable because a reserved kitten is made unavailable for sale. To keep the kitten, we must decline the proposals of other interested persons. In addition, if the kitten is made available late after a withdrawal, he will have less time than the other to find his new family. The selection of kittens is by order of arrival and only when the kittens have eight weeks for the bengals and 12 weeks for the singapuras and they have been examined by our veterinarian. (We reserve the right to retain a or kittens for our breeding program and customers purchasing breeding kittens have priority of selection)

​Accepted payment methods are:  1. money

                                                         2. money order
                                                         3. check (subject to cashing and only for booking deposit)
                                                         4. email transfer
                                                         5. paypal (plus 5% fee)

Breeder kitten: We offer a 2-year fertility guarantee, in addition to all the services and guarantees already mentioned above.

Exterior breeder services: None are offered to keep our cattery free from all diseases, viruses, and parasites.

We ship all over the world: All shipping fees are in surplus.


The registration in our waiting list is not mandatory, it is an option to guarantee the priority on the choice of a kitten of a litter even before its birth. If a future marriage between two of our breeders interests you, you can when you want to register on the waiting list by giving a deposit of $ 300 for a pet kitten and $ 500 for a breeding kitten. This option will give you priority to choose one of the kittens from the litter. Kittens are given priority to people on the waiting list, following their order of listing before being made available. If you are really interested in a future marriage, it is in your interest to register as soon as possible.

Prices are in Canadian currency​​