Tessa ,gentille mais très nerveuse et jumpy

​Nathalie et Stéphane, Grand-Sault NB Canada 2020-04-14

Ma belle khaleesy Calypso 😍

Melissa, Moncton NB Canada 2020-05-04


Mike et Julie, St-Jacques NB Canada 2020-04-14

Nala 1 year old

​Sheryl, Van Buren Maine USA 2020-04-14

​Belle and Charlie

Dear Lucie and Jean-Guy Let me begin by saying a heart felt thank you for breeding such wonderful beautiful and very healthy cats. Let me introduce you to Bella and Charlie.  The best pets my family has ever owned.​ After almost two years of extensively  researching breeds and breeders we found Khaleesys Bengals and Singapuras. One of the many great things we loved was that you could watch them being born and watch them everyday until they are old enough to come home with us.We chose Charlie and watched him on the webcam everyday but we noticed how close he was to one of his sisters. They always played together, ate together and slept together. I just couldn’t bare to see them separated so my very understanding husband agreed to buy Bella too.We wanted a pet that could accompany us on our camping adventures and we couldn’t have choosing better.They are very healthy and energetic.  They both love going hiking And swimming. Bird watching. They even enjoy the car rides to the camp sites. So if you are considering adding a new member to your family I highly recommend Khaleesys Bengal and Singapura. Karri and Greg , Burton NB Canada 2020-04-15

Recevoir de vos nouvelles est un grand plaisir! Cette page est conçue pour permettre à nos clients ayant eu le bonheur de se procurer un chaton ou un chat Khaleesy Bengal de partager leur expérience et des photos. Vous pouvez aussi partager des vidéos. Vous devez les envoyer par courriel à: michaud7@nb.sympatico.ca pour que je puisse les ajouter à cette page.



Recieving news from you is a great pleasure! This page is for our clients who had the pleasure of buying a cat from Khaleesy Bengal to share their experiences and photos. You can also share your videos. You have to send them at michaud7@nb.sympatico.ca​ so i can add them on this page.


                        Lucie et Jean-Guy


​Diane and Paul, Moncton NB Canada 2020-04-14

Shelby is enjoying her first anniversary of retirement

Joshua, Oromocto NB Canada 2020-05-04

Phoenyx et Gazou

​Raymonde, Westmorland NB Canada 2020-04-14


​Steven, Dieppe NB Canada 2020-04-14


​Mike and Annick,  Dieppe NB Canada 2020-04-14


We got tyson little over a year ago.  He is a great cat. He is very tame listens and his markings are just perfect. He is perfect. Khaleesybengal is a great place to a bengal. They are very patient and great people to deal with. They answered all our questions. Tyson is our first bengal so we had so many questions to ask. 
Amanda and Owen,  Conqueral Bank NS Canada 2020-04-14

Chester et Zelda

​Paul, Grand-Sault NB Canada 2020-04-14


Was a little worried taking our new bengal kitten home with a three and half drive to go... But she was amazing the entire time, slept a lot and seem content. We have only had her for a short time but she is affectionate, licks your face, rubs, purrs and plays. She`s sweet with everyone including a five and eight year old. I am already obsessed with her and she is just amazing. Also she barely sheds wich is pretty cool. I don`t known how else to explain her other than she is an amazing sweet kitten. Love her already -Amy from Willow Grove NB Canada 2016-02-14

​Témoignages / Testimonials


Alexandre et Véronique, Dieppe NB Canada 2020-04-14


I can`t get over what a great kitten he is... He eating well, littering well. We have start to introduce yhr other animals and i think he will be best friends our dog. They are nervous but still go nose with each other often :) They even both have naps on the bed together. He is still very sleppy and is sleeping quite a bit. He likes to sleeping et night under our bed in the wrapping paper box... or he cuddles with us for some of the night too. I am so so happy with how well he is settled. The kids are in love with him so much too! - Candace from Hampton NB Canada 2016-02-15

Kaiser, Rudy and Nanook Mary's boys

​ Moncton NB Canada


​Serge et Véronique, Dieppe NB Canada 2020-04-14

Milo Diana's boy

Edmundston NB Canada 2017-01-28

Louna et Gayá 2 ans

deux très beau bengal super gentil

​Gaetan et Lise, St-Eusèbe QC Canada 2020-04-15

Piko and Kid ​

They had to have their nap, just trying their best to fit in . and yap after they their work hard around the house.🐈🐱

Martine, Saint-Léonard NB Canada 2020-05-04


Elle est tres belle! On l’adore et elle nous donne beaucoup d’affection.  Guillaume, Moncton NB Canada 2020-05-04

Opie and Gemma

​Stacey, Quispamsis NB Canada 2020-04-14

Buddy et Mika

​Morel et Violette,  Grand Falls NB Canada 2020-04-14

Monica et Chester 

 Saint-André NB Canada 2015-05-18


​We have been very blessed to find Khaleesy Bengal they were very helpful and informative. There more then willing to answer all questions and concerns. If you looking to add a new fur baby to your family and thinking about getting a bengal Lucie and Jean-Guy are ​yours go to people! They have a very nice clean environment we're you feel welcome. You can see the passion and the love they have for breeding and raising bengals. It was an awesome experience of purchasing our first bengal in to your home and hoping to someday adopt a second bengal. It nice to be able to go in the camera and see the babies at anytime night or day! We can only hope that you will get to experience the same kind and awesome service we received!

​Cindy from Simonds NB Canada 2017-1-30

Hi, Lucie!
I just wanted to give you another update on Gigi.  She is getting so big and doing wonderfully!  She is very playful and loves to climb and snuggle (see snuggle pictures below). She’s the best!
Thank you again for a wonderful kitten!  I hope you guys are staying safe in these crazy times!  
Courtney, New York USA 2020-05-04


jai bien aimer le service offert pour shiva ma femele bengal merci pour tout lucie. Guylaine Shediac NB Canada 2020-04-14

​Je vous présente Koraline, née en mars 2020. Une petite boule d'amour qui nous suit partout. Une colleuse, qui se faufile sous les draps pour faire la sieste. Très sociable, elle reste avec le monde même les étrangers. Elle n'apporte que du bonheur ! Merci Lucie de m'avoir permis d'accueillir cette adorable petite chatoune dans ma vie !​ Louise, Verdun QC Canada 2021-09-13


Jamie and Danika, Saint-André NB Canada 2020-04-14


​Jacinthe, Saumarez NB Canada 2020-04-14

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​Paris, Moncton NB Canada 2020-04-14

​Lionel 7 mois

Carolane et Sébastien, Laterrière QC Canada 2020-04-14

​Sa fait maintenant 1 mois que nous sommes allé chercher Buddy et je peux te confirmer qu’il est bien intégré dans notre famille. Il s’entend très bien avec Paco notre Westie, ils dorment souvent collé l’un sur l’autre. Merci encore et à bientôt!

Daniel et Caroline 😉xx


​ I adopted Toby from you in August 2016. He was born May 13, 2016. Son to Othello & Miss Charlotte. He is doing great, and I even adopted another bengal, one which was being rehomed (he was born in Quebec, I don’t know anything else about the breeder that he came from). He was born in August 2019. They get along great and love to play with each other. I will send you two photos of Toby individually, and one of Toby with his baby brother, Rudy. 😊

​Danielle,  Rothesey NB Canada 2020-04-14


Carolyne, Edmundston NB Canada 2020-04-14

Jessie 2 ans

​Keven et Louise, Lute Mountain NB Canada 2020-04-14

Sir Wesley Magoo

​Toujours à mes pied, depuis son arrivée chez nous, la petite personnalité de Wesley ne fait que rendre mon coeur heureux. Les Bengals ont en effet, une personnalité qui les différencient de tous les autres chats. Wesley ne se gêne pas de nous partager ses opinions et nous "parler" des ses journées qui semble tant épuisantes. Il adore découvrir de nouvelles choses et visiter de nouveaux endroits. Il aime voyager et est très calme en voiture. Il ronronne dès qu'il a un mini peu d'attention. Nous sommes chanceux et heureux d'avoir eu Wesley de Kahleesy Bengal, le service avec Lucie à été personnel et chaleureux tout comme notre petit Wesley. Merci beaucoup pour cet ajout à notre petite famille 🐾❤️

​Michelle  Beresford NB Canada 2020-04-14


​Karine, Edmundston NB Canada 2020-14


Il adore l’eau et parfois il aime bien prendre son bain avec ma fille!  Linn, 2020-04-15


​Voici notre belle Moira 4ans deja...une petite boule denergie et elle est toute mini 😍 Andrée, grand-Sault NB Canada 2020-04-14

Khaleesys  Bengal & Singapura

We had the best experience adopting our 3rd addition to our bengal family. It was decided that my 40th birthday gift was to be my spotted snow lynx Ti-Nounou. We enjoyed watching the birth of the litter online and decided within a couple weeks which kitten we had our hearts set on since we had first pick 😊 Lucie and Jean-Guy are always so calm and loving during the birthing process,  I love that the momma cats have their very own coaches making them feel more secure and loved through the process. Being able to watch the cats interact on camera everyday, was very nice and made the experience of adopting more special.
3 months felt like an eternity before we were finally able to adopt our now wonderfully michievous, funny, intelligent, active little bundle of craziness! seriously though, he is a loving, beautiful 2 and a half year old bengal. We love him and the our two other bengals made him part of the family in no time. 
Lucie and Jean-Guy are very knowledgeable when it comes to their cats and take pride in raising such wonderful breeds. We thank you for the wonderful experience we had with our adoption and we will surely adopt again in the future.
Thank you,
Karen and Ghislain Saint-André NB Canada 2020-04-14