Recevoir de vos nouvelles est un grand plaisir! Cette page est conçue pour permettre à nos clients ayant eu le bonheur de se procurer un chaton ou un chat Khaleesy Bengal de partager leur expérience et des photos. Vous pouvez aussi partager des vidéos. Vous devez les envoyer par courriel à: pour que je puisse les ajouter à cette page.



Recieving news from you is a great pleasure! This page is for our clients who had the pleasure of buying a cat from Khaleesy Bengal to share their experiences and photos. You can also share your videos. You have to send them at​ so i can add them on this page.


                        Lucie et Jean-Guy


​We have been very blessed to find Khaleesy Bengal they were very helpful and informative. There more then willing to answer all questions and concerns. If you looking to add a new fur baby to your family and thinking about getting a bengal Lucie and Jean-Guy are ​yours go to people! They have a very nice clean environment we're you feel welcome. You can see the passion and the love they have for breeding and raising bengals. It was an awesome experience of purchasing our first bengal in to your home and hoping to someday adopt a second bengal. It nice to be able to go in the camera and see the babies at anytime night or day! We can only hope that you will get to experience the same kind and awesome service we received!

​Cindy from Simonds NB Canada 2017-1-30


Was a little worried taking our new bengal kitten home with a three and half drive to go... But she was amazing the entire time, slept a lot and seem content. We have only had her for a short time but she is affectionate, licks your face, rubs, purrs and plays. She`s sweet with everyone including a five and eight year old. I am already obsessed with her and she is just amazing. Also she barely sheds wich is pretty cool. I don`t known how else to explain her other than she is an amazing sweet kitten. Love her already -Amy from Willow Grove NB Canada 2016-02-14

Kaiser, Rudy and Nanook Mary's boys

​ Moncton NB Canada

Monica et Chester 

 Saint-André NB Canada 2015-05-18

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Khaleesys  Bengal & Singapura

​Témoignages / Testimonials


I can`t get over what a great kitten he is... He eating well, littering well. We have start to introduce yhr other animals and i think he will be best friends our dog. They are nervous but still go nose with each other often :) They even both have naps on the bed together. He is still very sleppy and is sleeping quite a bit. He likes to sleeping et night under our bed in the wrapping paper box... or he cuddles with us for some of the night too. I am so so happy with how well he is settled. The kids are in love with him so much too! - Candace from Hampton NB Canada 2016-02-15

Milo Diana's boy

Edmundston NB Canada 2017-01-28