Khaleesys  Bengal & Singapura

​We built our attached cattery at home. In this way, we have access to our cats at all times. The cattery with large windows is divided into large sunny areas. We have in the house a cozy maternity which offers a peaceful place for our moms and their kittens. We attend all births! Around the fifth week, the kittens and their mum are settled in our kindergarten. Kittens continue their education and socialization. So they come to you already educated and well spoiled! In the cattery, the common room allows cats to have fun, rest and feed. To avoid forgetting our breeding males who make the marking of their territory with foul smelling urine, we have arranged rooms especially for them to fill all their needs. These places are absolutely indispensable in a breeding. All our males come out of their rooms daily under our supervision. All the doors of the cattery are provided with wire netting so that there is no isolated cat. Everyone can see, hear, smell and interact with other cats and their stimulating environment. We make sure that the heat and humidity are controlled to ensure a pleasant climate. An air exchanger provides air quality for cats, but also for us humans. Safety is a daily priority. We use biodegradable cleaners and germicides for the health of our cats and to take care of Gaia, our mother earth.

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​Cat house

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