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Hello, dear visitor, welcome to the wonderful world of Bengal and Singapura! Our love affair with Bengal and Singapura began a few years ago. We found these cats so beautiful and majestic. One by one, our research on these beautiful felines has made us fall in love with these unique breeds with playful and affectionate character. We are real passionate about Bengal and Singapura and we share this passion with happiness!

We live in northwestern New Brunswick (Canada). We are a family breeding. We are registered with the International Cat Association (TICA), the Canadian Cat Association (CCA), the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) and the CatsCanadaCats (CCC). We offer our cats a clean and uncreated home environment. We have a great respect for each of our cats. Our genetic lineages are diverse. Our breeders are carefully selected and come from prestigious lines. Our goal is to offer you a real leopard salon or a Singapura that has a nice behavior! Our dream is to contribute to the evolution of these extraordinary breeds. Our priority is to offer you cats of the highest quality and without any disease. We work closely with our veterinary team. This means that the health of our kittens begins before birth. Each Khaleesys kitten is unique. We put a lot of energy into socializing and every day we give all our cats a lot of love and attention.    

we are proud to be member of the voluntary TICA responsible breeder program.

​CCC education completed: From mating to weaning

We wish you a nice virtual visit.

​​Lucie and Jean-Guy

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