​The evolution of Singapura kittens​

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​Singapura kitten​

Khaleesys  Bengal & Singapura

​The evolution and development of a Singapura kitten is no different from that of another kitten. He follows the same course but more slowly, so the kitten is dependent on his mother a little longer. Its physical development is also slower. The kitten will reach full maturity around the age of 2 years. On average, the number of kittens per litter is two to three. The weight of the kitten at birth is comparable to that of another kitten. Kidding in a Singapura cat can be difficult and problematic because of its small weight and uterine weakness in some females.

​The Singapura kitten has a single color that is agouti sepia. The sepia tint will be dark or pale depending on the country of origin. In more northern countries, the kitten will be darker and paler in those with a warmer climate. If a kitten of Nordic origin migrates to the south, its coat will become paler over time. The opposite is also true.