The appearance of a Bengal kitten begins at birth and can take more than two years before one can see all its splendor. Between his birth and up to about four months the kittens go through a period during which they have a hairy hair called fuzzy ugly (this phenomenon is very variable from one kitten to another). The fuzzy is a camouflage hair inherited from his wild ancestor. this hair allows the offspring of the Asian leopard to hide from predators. The fuzzy is a long gray-black hair that masks the beauty of the dress and hides the rosettes partially. The fuzzy appears around the age of one month and can persist until the age of six months. More rarely, it also happens that a kitten is born with a weird hair pale gray almost white, extremely short and without contrast. This frosted coat is called. In this case, it is around the age of three to four weeks that the coat begins an incredible transformation.​

​Although cute, it is sometimes difficult to judge the quality of the dress and color that a Bengal kitten will take while growing up. We have to wait for him to leave the fuzzy stage to appreciate his true contrast. You must judge the photos with indulgence! We must trust the face and back of the ears to get an idea of the color it will grow. The safest is to judge the parents. The breeder will guide you in your choice.

​The marbled kittens are like ugly ducklings! Most people tend to leave them in favor of a rosette kitten. It is growing up that they become beautiful and his temperament is no different from other Bengals. They are born very dark almost black. Marbled patterns take time to develop. The bigger they grow, the more we see the third color in the center of the mottles. While snow lynx kittens will take about a year and a half before we see the full definition of their coat. They are all born white and spontaneously the coloring of the patterns begins at the ends. In short, there is a course of evolution for each kitten. you have to be patient, remember that evolution can take longer than two years. But the wait is well worth it!

​Spotted / Rosetted kitten

​The evolution of kittens

Marble kitten

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​Snow lynx kitten

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